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About the fund

Warwickshire County Council Pension Fund is Administered by Warwickshire County Council. The Pension Fund Investment Sub-committee under delegated powers, is responsible for strategic decisions in connection with the Pension Fund and is advised by the Head of Finance and his staff. Day to day investment decisions are taken by the appointed fund managers. The Pension Fund Investment Sub-committee comprises five elected County Council members.

Role Individuals and organisations
Pension Fund Investment
Sub-committee members:
Councillor Bob Stevens, Councillor Richard Chattaway, Councillor John Horner, Councillor Bill Gifford, Councillor Wallace Redford

Lisa Kitto (Interim), Head of Finance, Chris Norton, Strategic Finance Manager, Michael Nicolaou (Interim), Treasury and Pensions Group Manager, Neil Buxton, Pensions Administration Manager


Hymans Robertson, Peter Jones, Karen Shackleton

Fund managers

Threadneedle Asset Management, Legal and General MFS Investment Management, Boarder to Coast Pensions Partnership, Schroder Investment Management, HarbourVest Partners, J P Morgan Asset Management, SL Capital, Partners Group, Alcentra


Bank of New York Mellon

AVC provider Standard Life

Hymans Robertson


Grant Thornton

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